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Our Dynamic Earth - Top 10 Edinburgh Tourist Attractions

This huge structure is in very the heart of Edinburgh. Located next to the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Scottish Parliament. A joy for all the family, it brings a dynamic reality to the wonders of the planet Earth. This was originally an old brewery that was gifted to the city of Edinburgh by Scottish and Newcastle Brewery. It has been transformed into a bright futuristic tent-covered amphitheatre. It exists to celebrate the diversity of natural Earth. Starting from the theoretical Big Bang creation to the all too real earthquakes of the present. The main exhibition is divided into various galleries that follow this diversity. This tourist attraction is on many of Edinburgh's tour bus routes.

11 Exhibits

There are 11 exhibits here which bring to life the dynamics involved.

  • Shaping the Surface - this deals with an earth's landscape that has been shaped by the various ice ages.
  • The Restless Earth - takes you through the exciting and awe-inspiring world of volcanoes and earthquakes.
  • How it all started - offers ideas of how the universe began by creating science based scenarios of how stars and galaxies grew from dust.
  • The Time Machine - presents History in a series of images that you can move around and watch history pass before your eyes, as you are whisked back in time, back 15 thousand million years before the planet earth was formed, and when dinosaurs ruled the earth.
  • The State of the Earth - gives you a bird's eye of view of the world where you can watch the number of people grow before your eyes.
  • The Oceans - lets you gaze into the watery world of where 70% of life on Earth resides.
  • Casualties and Survivors - explains the process of natural evolution where species rise and fall, such as the sabretooth tiger.
  • The Showdome - lets you walk into a hurricane or forest fire and see how they affect the human world.
  • The Tropical Forest - brings you into the darkening heat and moisture of an equatorial forest
  • Journey of Contrasts - puts you through extreme climates, such as deserts and tundra and makes you wonder how people and animals survive therein.
  • The Polar Regions - lets you visit the poles and you can touch a freezing iceberg.

Architecture - Building Design Themed by the Structure of the Planet

In many ways, the attraction is following in the footsteps of the science ethic behind the Scottish mind. It takes its inspiration from the ground breaking geological work of James Hutton in the 19th century. The science of geology deals with the earth's crust, its layers and their history. The notion of the Earth's layers was applied to the design of the building. The architects wanted to treat the building as if it was a series of layers moving through various degrees of fragility and strength.

Sir Michael Hopkins Concept

Sir Michael Hopkins was the designer of the building. He wanted to impress not only the grandeur of the planet upon the visitors but also our part in it. There are three components in the design:

  • Firstly, the glass-walled and fabric-roofed structure containing the entrance. It has a hemispherical dome that holds a multi-media theatre.
  • Secondly, the old brewery.
  • Finally a new forecourt that is a new addition to the vast amount of public space in Edinburgh.
Dynamic and Educational Fun For All the Family

Our Dynamic Earth is for everyone but, a child's natural curiosity is the thing being addressed here. There are special events that focus on a particular aspect of the earth. Rock formation and volcanic eruptions are examples. Children can join a club where they can take part in all kinds of educational stuff. Expanding their mind, while getting dirty and flummoxing their parents.

More about Our Dynamic Earth

Telephone: 0131 550 7800
Address: Our Dynamic Earth Enterprises Ltd, 112 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8AS.


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