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Reviews of the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh Scotland

Carousel HorseThis is somewhere you and the family can all go to have fun, find fabulous toys and also be informed about Edinburgh's history. This museum is certainly a sure place to find fun for all the family. Edinburgh has been developing itself for years as a city of culture and festivals. So, when you go to a festival you don't have to leave the children at home. Why not have something devoted to the younger element. A visit here will be a journey through your own childhood as well as something for the rest of the family to remember. Please note the photographer was male and thus we seem to have concentrated on a boyish theme but, there is also much here for girls including a dedicated dolls gallery.

How it all Came About

Teddy BearsA concerned town councillor, Patrick Murray, was looking around Edinburgh and could not find a museum devoted specifically or only to children. There were some that touched on it, but they always felt unsatisfactory, so he proposed the idea of a museum dedicated solely to children. His idea finally came to fruition in 1955 when the museum opened. His main focus was on the history of childhood. It was the first of its kind in the world.

Discover the History of Childhood

The museum is spread over 5 floors in 5 different galleries. From its inception as focusing mostly on the history of childhood more space has been created for playing play and themed exhibitions, where you can listen to children chant their multiplication tables in a 1930s classroom or participate in a 1950s street game. There are a total of 5 galleries based around toys, games space and displays that relate to health, education, clothing and upbringing.

Arguably the noisiest museum in the world, it is visited and enjoyed by both adults and children. Like a treasure house, it is crammed full of objects telling of childhood, past and present.

Learn About Health, Education and Toys

Toy SailboatIt covers the serious topics of childhood namely health and education, but there is an enormous collection of toys, dolls, games and books that fascinate children and bring back memories for adults. Let the children play and then stand them back to watch them learn. There are toys and games from all over the world. They range from dolls and teddy bears to train sets and tricycles. You can find out how children were brought up, dressed and educated as time progressed.

Opening times
  • Monday through to Saturday:
  • 10am until 6pm, that's from June to September.
  • 10am until 5pm October until May.
  • Sundays 2pm until 5pm only during the Edinburgh Festival.
  • Address: 42 High Street, Edinburgh.
  • Telephone: 0131 529 4142

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Reviews of the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh Scotland - Gallery

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