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20 Best Value Hotels in England - Find Good Cheap Hotels

Here are some great value hotels. They have been chosen for you simply by looking for those establishments that are the best rated by guests, come to you at a reasonable price and are situated in the best locations. The offer here will change as the special discounts from the hotels change. So, please do visit us regularly to keep track of the very best, super deals.

Holiday Inn Express London-Ealing
Guest Rating: 4.7/5

75 Broadway, Ealing, London

rooms from £64.00 View Prices
Hilton London Canary Wharf
Guest Rating: 4.5/5

South Quay, Marsh Wall, London

rooms from £99.95 View Prices
The Grange Hotel
Guest Rating: 4.2/5

1 Clifton, York

rooms from £80.10 View Prices
Poplar House
Guest Rating: 4.8/5

9 The Batch, Bath

rooms from £89.00 View Prices
Premier Inn Durham City Centre
Guest Rating: 4.4/5

Freemans Place, Durham

rooms from £70.00 View Prices
The Queensbury Hotel
Guest Rating: 4/5

58 Regency Square, Brighton & Hove

rooms from £44.28 View Prices
High Tor Hotel
Guest Rating: 4.5/5

170 Dale Road, Matlock

rooms from £60.00 View Prices
Broadlands Guest House
Guest Rating: 4.9/5

19 Broad Street, Windermere

rooms from £78.00 View Prices
Best Western Linton Lodge
Guest Rating: 4/5

11-13 Linton Road, Oxford

rooms from £76.50 View Prices
Holiday Inn Express Cambridge
Guest Rating: 4.1/5

15/17 Coldhams Park, Norman Way, Off Coldhams Lane, Cambridge

rooms from £62.00 View Prices
Hotel La Tour Birmingham
Guest Rating: 4.4/5

Albert Street, Birmingham

rooms from £71.10 View Prices
The Sir Thomas Hotel
Guest Rating: 4/5

24 Sir Thomas Street, Liverpool

rooms from £44.60 View Prices
Premier Inn Manchester City Centre - Deansgate Locks
Guest Rating: 4.2/5

Medlock Street, Manchester

rooms from £81.00 View Prices
Premier Inn Sheffield City Centre - St. Mary s Gate
Guest Rating: 4.4/5

Young Street, Sheffield

View Prices
Motel One Newcastle
Guest Rating: 4.7/5

15-25 High Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne

rooms from £49.00 View Prices
George Hotel
Guest Rating: 4/5

High St, Amesbury

rooms from £40.05 View Prices

Cheap Hotels in England are Easy To Find Here

Since 2001 we have been providing great hotels for you at cheap prices. Now with our new great value options they are still cheap but, the offers are also great value now. What is value? Firstly, it means these are the places that will make your holiday or business trip a memorable one for sure. Secondly, they come at a low cost. So, you don't have to spend a fortune to be in a nice hotel, Thirdly, they are well located. So you will be near to the popular attractions. Lastly they are highly rated by other guests who have stayed there. Basically, these are the best hotels in England for the price.

Hotels for Top Attractions and Locations in England

  1. London - Tour the Tower of London (3,081,939 visitors). The White Tower was a prison for the well-to-do but, unfortunate occupants. Visit the British Museum (6,695,213 visitors). This is a great, educational, free day out for all the family. See the National Gallery (6,416,724 visitors) and Tate Modern (5,785,427 visitors) offer culture and history through art.
  2. York - The Medieval walled city with its' Roman and Viking history topped off with the Gothic York Minster (603,359 visitors) and National Railway Museum (715,370 visitors).
  3. Bath upon Avon - Enjoy Bath Abbey (360,000 visitors), the Roman Baths (1,015,135 visitors) alongside the stunning Georgian glory of this small spa city.
  4. Durham - See the magnificent Durham Cathedral (734,000 visitors) in this compact but thriving historic University city and county town.
  5. Brighton - This fabulous seaside resort has one of the best surviving piers (4,500,000 visitors).
  6. Peak District - This amazing National Park offers landscape vistas to die for. Also you will want to stay to see Chatsworth House in Bakewell, Derbyshire the home of the Duke of Devonshire with its' parkland along the river Derwent.
  7. Lake District - Astounding natural landscapes, peace and quiet. Windermere Lake Cruises (1,469,189 visitors) are very popular as are Ullswater Steamers (377.243 visitors).
  8. Stonehenge (1,346,177 visitors) - This Neolithic Stone Circle in Wiltshire is a must see.
  9. Oxford - Historical University city with a wealth of culture to share including the astounding Ashmolean Museum (875,407 visitors).
  10. Cambridge - World renown university city offering College tours, to incredible Fitzwilliam Museum (323,019 visitors) and beautiful Cambridge University Botanic Garden (255,567 visitors).
  11. Birmingham - Visit the Library of Birmingham (2,414,860 visitors). The people's palace is home to rare books, photographs and city archives. Also don't miss West Midland Safari & Leisure Park (650,000 visitors) for family fun.
  12. Liverpool - Former city of culture still thriving after the Beatles. Visit the wonderful Museum of Liverpool (707,405 visitors), the very central Merseyside Maritime Museum (631,711 visitors) and fabulous Tate Liverpool (560,855 visitors).
  13. Manchester - Offering the Museum of Science and Industry (678,867 visitors) and Manchester United Museum (356,476 visitors) at the Old Trafford football stadium.
  14. Sheffield - Well known for its' cutlery and steel heritage, now home to Millennium Gallery Museums & Art Galleries (764,892 visitors) and gateway to the Peak District.
  15. Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead - Offer the great BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art (515,354 visitors) and the educational Great North Museum: Hancock (491,148 visitors).

Hotels to Explore the History of England

England is where history unravels itself in front of your eyes. Enjoy viewing a plethora of rolling landscapes and splendid historic structures.

  • A dense population of Neolithic (late stone age (4500 BC+)) burial sites and flint axes are scattered over the landscape around monumental Stonehenge.
  • 3400 - 3500 BC sees many smaller stone circles, farming and pottery introduced as continental visitors bring technology and knowledge with them.
  • Long barrows (3000 BC+) and then Bronze Age round barrows (2200 to 1000 BC) are built all over the country covering the remains of the ancient ones.
  • 1200 - 800 BC Celtic settlements and tribal kingdoms develop with the Brigantes (hill people) in Yorkshire, Dubunni in the West, Catuvellauni in the East, Dumnonii and Atrebates in the South. 
  • 800 - 500 BC the Iron age arrives as Hallstatts from Central and Western Europe colonise Southern England.
  • 500 BC  - AD 43 Iron Age technologies and trade with Europe flourishes.
  • AD 43 - 410 Romans arrive to conquer, control and civilise.
  • AD 410 - 900 Anglo-Saxon Conquest
  • AD 793 - 1066 The Viking Age
  • AD 1066 - 1485 Norman Conquest begins at the Battle of Hastings.
  • AD 1485 - 1603 Tudor Age begins on 22 August at Battle of Bosworth when Henry Tudor defeats Richard III.
  • AD 1603 - 1714 on 24 March 1603 the Stuart's rule over Britain starts when James VI of Scotland is proclaimed King of England uniting the kingdoms.
  • AD 1714 - 1837 Georgian Britain begins with George of Hanover succeeding the heirless Queen Anne.
  • AD 1837 - 1901 18 year old Victoria becomes queen after her uncle William IV died on 22 January
  • AD 1901 Victoria dies on Isle of Wight and and her son Edward VII brings in the modern age.
  • All figures are derived from official tourism statistics published online by Visit England (the official English Tourist Board). 

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